Friday, November 7, 2014

How To Make Simple Word Art

On All Hallows' Eve (a.k.a. Halloween), my family and I went to a pretty eerie Haunted House. It left me wide-eyed and bushy-tailed until seven in the morning, the next day. To kill time and take my mind off all the murder and mayhem of the Haunted House, I painted a ton of beautiful sea green and blue papers.

Tonight, as I was looking for something quick and easy to do with them, I ran across a handful of 8x10 matts with 4x6 openings that I purchased for another project. I placed one of my handpainted papers in the opening and I LOVED what I saw.

It was time to get to work…

I painted the top of the matt white (to add a little texture).

Next, I cut the papers into 4.25" x 6.25" rectangles.

When the paint on the matt dried, I flipped it over and taped the handpainted paper to the back of the matt.

Then I flipped the matt rightside up and adhered chipboard letters to the paper—using Aleene's Jewel It® glue.

While the glue was drying, I adhered various butterfly embellishments to the side of the matt. It was so easy and fun that I didn't stop there! I also created these little guys.

And here are a few word art pieces, using different handpainted papers.

Do you recognize the little bird in the last image? It's from my Paper Christmas Bird tutorial (here).

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Monday, October 27, 2014

How To Make A Yin Yang Watercolor Symbol

I've always been fascinated with the Yin Yang symbol as it represents the fact that two opposites can complement and, quite possibly, complete each other—just like my husband and I!

So when I decided to tackle the idea of playing with bright, cheerful watercolors, I couldn't think of anything better to play with than the Yin Yang symbol.

To start, I placed a large bowl on top of an 11x14 canvas, then used a ruler to make sure the bowl was perfectly centered. Next, I traced the bowl.

To make the S shape (which should be perfectly centered), I used a roll of tape. I placed the tape at the top of the circle, then traced half of the tape. I did the same thing to the bottom of the circle, then I connected the two shapes.

Once the outline was created, I colored the two halves of the circles with colored pencils. Next, I painted a solid color in each half of the symbol.

After the paint dried, I put splashes of color around the circle. While I liked the look and was tempted to leave it alone, I decided to embellish the colored splashes with a black artist's pen (Faber Castel 1.5 mm).

I have to tell you I loved the lined embellishment around the watercolor paint so much that now I want to create splashes of color just so I can embellish them.

Of course, I couldn't stop there! I have a thing for texture so I just had to glue some traditional white rice to one side of the symbol and risotto rice to the other side.

Once the glue dried, I used water color paints to change the color of the rice.

While I absolutely LOVE the added texture, I must warn you that it took me an entire day—nearly 6 hours total to lay down the rice!

If you know a faster way of laying down the rice, I'd love to hear it. Just leave a comment below.

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